My Family Travel Map

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Turn your family's journeys into a work of art with this interactive map.

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The giant, fold-out map can be personalised to chart where you’ve been, what you’ve seen and where you want to go. There are over 180 colourful stickers to add, in different shades for each member of the family, and the map is perforated for easy removal so you can display it proudly on your wall.

Put stickers on your favourite places and dream destinations, and then flip the map over to find out fascinating facts about them on the back. Fun for all the family, this is the perfect gift for travellers, explorers and dreamers everywhere.

Suitable for children ages 5-8.

Hmotnost 0.26 kg
Vazba Mapa
Technické údaje 230 x 305 mm
Počet stran 16
Datum vydání 15. 4. 2016

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